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Our online pharmacy guarantees the best possible price on the Internet at all the products in stock. We focus our pricing policy on our customers' needs.Purchasing goods directly from the manufacturer, excluding third-party sellers in such a way, allows us to eliminate price-determining costs and offer factory prices on products we offer.


We offer fast and reliable worldwide shipping. Customers can choose between EMS and Regular Airmail as the need may be. The average delivery time takes about 7 work days from the moment of order confirmation. Free shipping is provided for bulk orders. All the goods arrive in discreet packages within a fixed timeframe.


All your payments for the purchases at our pharmacy are processed securely being protected by McAfee Secure System and all the personal information being encrypted by SSL. This way we guarantee the safety of your personal data and protection against frauds. Thus, every customer can be confident that we have taken all the appropriate protective measures necessary to ensure safe, fast and reliable transactions.

Advantages of Buying Drugs Online

Internet plays an enormous role in modern life and recently buying online has become especially popular. This tendency refers to buying drugs online as well. Today anyone can buy necessary medications in the comfort of his home and have them delivered at home or at office at his convenience. Modern online drugstores offer high quality drugs, vitamins, personal-care products as well as other medical accessories. Security, reliability and qualitative service are offered by many online retailers, therefore there are always companies to choose from.

Buying drugs online is convenient by quite a few aspects. First of all, in the presence of intense competition modern drugstores offer pharma drugs of solely high quality. Secondly, a wide array of choices allows you to find the product you need with almost 100% probability. Thirdly, you can buy medications online 24 hours. Fourthly, the prices for drugs at trading sites will surely make your day - their appeal results from a number of factors, including direct marketing with manufacturers and distributors, no need for renting expensive premises and hiring workforce, etc.

Considered all, to purchase drugs online is very advantageous. Running a race for every client, online drugstores offer various discounts, sales and bonus programs. You are relieved from the trouble of standing in queues, have the possibility of learning about stock availability on the spot, can comfortably and unhurriedly choose the necessary product, read the leaflet - and all this without ruffle or excitement. All you need is to get in the site, choose the goods you need and make an order. By the way, many online drugstores make free delivery provided that you order goods to a definite sum of money, which is as a rule not so big.

Handy search system makes buying drugs online especially convenient. Affordability, excellent service, assortment stability, quality assurance, fast dispatch and customer care will surprise you. One more important benefit of buying online is the choice of payment options - cash, credit cards, e-wallets.

Many people still doubt online drugstores, being afraid of buying poor quality drugs. Of course their fears are understandable because the importance of health mustn't be underestimated. However these fears are in majority of cases groundless. Internet pharmacies licensing is the same as licensing of ordinary drugstores activities. Therefore there are no reasons for increased chances of buying counterfeit drugs. Furthermore, according to statutory requirement, mandatory certification is required not only to drugstores, but to all the medications and drug products available for sale.

What Makes Generics Better than Brand-Name Medications?

Multitude of pharmaceutical drugs and their generic versions on pharmacy shelves can send anyone into a spin. Let's see what are generics and brands and what are their advantages.

Well-established pharmaceutical companies have their own laboratories for new drugs search and development. In consequence of cost-intensive researches they synthesize a new drug. On average, a new drug development expenses amount to over $60 million, plus 8-9 years are spent for preclinical studies and clinical trials.

While a new drug development, the company receives patent on it, which gives the right to be its sole seller for a certain period of time. The patent is given on original formula, manufacturing process and international propriety name, as a rule for 15-17 years. The pharma company holds an active advertising campaign and gradually creates a new recognizable trade name - brand. Thus, brand is the trade name of a new drug.

When patent term expires, other manufacturers receive the right to produce the formula of this drug on their own facilities. However there is a condition, the reproduced drug must fully confirm equivalence to original. The confirmed analogue is called generic.

There are several types of equivalence:

  • Therapeutic - the efficacy and safety of generic must correspond to brand-name drug in pharmacotherapy.
  • Pharmaceutical - the generic must fully repeat the pharmaceutical formula and composition.
  • Pharmacokinetic or bioequivalence - the mode of action must be similar to the brand name drug.

Generics receive new name and differ in package, form and possibly color of pills, but have similar to brand international name. One and the same brand can have hundreds of generics.

In sum, generics fully repeat most branded drugs because they contain the same components and have the same effects, both pharmacological and adverse. However generics price beats the brand. It can be explained by low ad spending and the fact that the there is no need to search the active ingredient formula - the original company sells the brand formula. The generic company spends money only on manufacturing and equivalence confirmation of the drug - clinical trials. Thus, there are generics of various brands, whose price is by times lower than the original.

So, what to chose: generic or brand? A valid answer to this question cannot be given. All the drugs undergo clinical trials for the purpose of their safety confirmation. The whole world use cheap generics provided that the manufacturing company has formally confirmed the product quality. Low cost of generic drugs makes them a perfect alternative to brands. It is you who get to chose. Think, generic cannot be better than original, though it is highly competitive in efficacy.

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